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At TT1 we implement winning tactics so you can execute your game plan with confidence. Our tennis players are carefully selected and work together with a group of highly trained professionals in order to reach the highest levels of competition.

Tennis Team 1 offers a different concept in the development of high-performance tennis players. Tennis Team 1 is comprised of a small, carefully selected group of players who share a common dream of reaching the highest levels of national, international and collegiate competition. Our professional coaches, take the time to select the right people to join the team, so we effectively merged the best of both worlds, individual attention with the power of internal competition within close-knit group. 

The use of effective planning tools customized for each individual combined with the constant competitive environment that a group setting provides, yields players whose skill sets are compatible with their individual strengths and are able to function in a highly competitive environment.


Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras; Martina Hingis and the Williams sisters; Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. They all have been protagonists of some of tennis greatest rivalries. They are all great champions and have, at different times, helped push tennis to a new level of greatness. How is it possible that players with such great differences in personality, athletic ability, cultural background, training regimes, and playing style can all be so successful at the same sport? The answer is quite simple; there is no one perfect way of playing tennis, and therefore, there is no one perfect way of coaching tennis either. Each player brings with him/her a special set of variables and coaches must learn to adapt to these circumstances in order to bring the best out of each player. At Tennis Team 1 we do not run a one size fits all program, we do not claim to have a perfect recipe, but we know you’ll succeed, you’ll improve your level and obtain results. 

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High performance players must always seek to be as professional as possible in their craft. In order to succeed, players require an expert helping hand that can provide the specific technical support and knowledge in all areas of development. After coming together, the team has only one purpose: maximize the efficiency of all training opportunities in order to reach goals. At TT1, we thrive on competition and make champions using the same training methodology that is used by the top professional tennis players.

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we are more than an academy

We love the spirit of competition. The tennis programs are designed with the goal of raising the tennis game of the players by creating a competitive environment of intensive training. In order to run a successful training program and develop high performance tennis players, it is necessary to have a well-balanced structure that covers all technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects for each player of the team, followed by a chain of short-, mid- and long-term goals that are constantly reviewed and adjusted accordingly.

We work on the development of winning mentality of players, which allows them to not only increase their tennis technique and knowledge, but also to understand and self-driven, how to handle the pressure of everyday life and how to push both physical and mental limits day after day. The end result is to help players to win not only on the tennis court but also in life.



Our team is comprised of small groups of players between the ages of 13 and 23 years old, carefully selected by level to ensure the correct chemistry and the continued synergy of the team.

We offer weekly and monthly «all inclusive» High Performance programs for junior and pro tennis players, providing personalized professional coaching. We guide you and assist you before and during competition so you can improve your results. Find out if you can be part of our team and contact us.

Call us today and arrange a meeting to find out if this is the program for you. We will include a one-day free training, and an on-court evaluation. Or, better yet, we will come to one of your next tournaments and watch you compete.


Our coaching staff is focused on developing champions and winners on and off the court while abiding to the principles of planning professional execution and sportsmanship. While we strive to fulfill each player’s maximum potential, we never forget the importance of respecting human integrity, and it is our ultimate goal to guarantee player safety and make sure they are well equipped to succeed inside and outside of the tennis courts. Many years of experience and a proven record of success backup our training methods and give us the confidence to continuously set ambitious goals, provide feedback, and make adjustments to the IDP to ensure proper player development.

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Dir Julio C Videla 

Tennis Coach / CEO TT1 Sport LLc

  • A personalized work with each player in order to get the best performance.
  • Expert coaches working with a unique methodology, mentoring the evolution of players and optimizing every specific aspect of the game.
  • Specific techniques to improve every shot used by the best players in the world.
  • Physical training sessions, designed for every age and level.
  • Specific movements and footwork
  • Players work in small groups, selected by level.
  • The intensity and specific attention in the technical details are key in our programs.
  • The physical preparation is key to improve the players athletic performance.

Intensive training and consistency are the key ingredients of any success story, and we believe in daily work and sacrifice to achieve results.


Evaluation | Planning | Program | Execution | Control


  1. Personalized training
  2. Technical and tactical analysis of the play
  3. Improved physical condition.
  4. Match and tournament planning
  5. Evaluation of progress and long-term goals
  6. Teaching new skills and techniques
  7. Tips for healthy nutrition and lifestyle
  8. Mental preparation and pressure management.

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We obtain a great deal of benefits out of traveling to the tournaments as a small tennis team. It allows us to continue to deliver our foundation in personalized attention, different than the player traveling on his or her own, or with a famiLy member Those benefits are reflected in important aspects as the significant reduction on costs, provide experienced support in tennis competition, generate a more competitive environment, improve the skill of teamwork (in an individual sport) and provide a cultural experience with a more enjoyable time but always under the effect of discipline guidelines and pre established expectations. Our traveling coaching services include warm ups, practices, fitness maintenance, game plans, statistics and scouting of opponents, as well as any other administrative needs for the player.


Our coaching staff has more than 20 years of combined experience in the US college tenis environment. We have built a network of relationships with several college coaches from all kinds of Universities in the country, which have allowed us to support plenty of our players through successful recruiting processes and obtain wonderful opportunities as student athletes for Men’s and Women’s Tennis programs at: Alabama, Aubum, Boise State, Central Florida, Comell, Duke. Florida Atlantic, Illinois. Indiana, Penn State. Pepperdine. Santa Clara, Texas Tech, UConn, UC Berkeley and UCLA.


Our team has a Facebook, Instagram and YouTube page that is constantly updated. Follow us and stay up-to-date with thevlatest news, pictures, and videos from our team. We love to allow our fans to stay close and keep abreast of all activities concerning the team. 

It also helps us inform Tennis Federations, sponsoring companies, and family members that are collaborating to support the needs of our team.

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